Charles Grigsby of Grigsby Forensics and Valuation has 40 plus years as a public accountant and business advisor. In addition he has several years as a field auditor for the Internal Revenue Service to add to his impressive qualifications. To say the least Mr. Grigsby’s solid experience provides clients the clearest options to make the smartest choices.

From The Beginning

As a young entrepreneur, Charles Grigsby helped start the Lorraine Cheese Company with his father. Through some trials and tribulations typical of any business, they were able to successfully get it of the ground. Producing a new gruyere type of cheese, proved a triumph when years later it was bought by Universal Foods. Beyond the fact that this cheese is now offered in many U.S delis, this helped launch Mr. Grigsby’s life-long dedication into business valuations and accounting.

Throughout Mr. Grigsby’s life, he has always established himself as a exemplary in his field. He was a field auditor for the Internal Revenue Service, specializing in investigation of tax fraud of commodity traders and other major business entities.  Later, he went on to run his own CPA firm for over 30 plus years.

Whether it is implementing proper business strategies within the cheese industry or as the head of his own CPA firm, Mr. Grigsby has proven track record of what is needed to navigate successfully within the current global market.

Exceeding The Level of Certification

The extensive list of certifications and continuing education that Charles Grigsby possesses is rivaled by few in his field. He currently holds 4 business valuation certifications3 certifications in forensic accounting, together with a background in the IRS makes him a formidable asset. He currently holds the ABAR (Accredited In Business Appraisal Review), which is the only credential within valuation that certifies that the holder is qualified to give legitimate business appraisals.

It is the sum of Mr. Grigsby’s experiences, and qualifications that have made him such a reliable source for his clients business valuation and accounting needs.

Solid Data And Solid Advice

Mr. Grigsby’s has helped provide his clients the tools to achieve proper financial strategies. His always complete and thorough report writing skills offer a level of detail unmatched.