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IT Consulting And Technical Audits

Secure Your Data

Mr. Grigsby will analyze your business’ IT functions to determine the risk level of penetration. Protect your customers by determining if there is any potential breach of data. Personal data protection laws are complex but necessary. Seek the advice of a Certified Information Technology Professional (CITP) to ensure that your business is in compliance with those intricate regulations.  Contact Charles Grigsby today to ensure best practices have been met securing your business’ data.

SOC 2®

Mr. Grigsby has the certification to perform SOC 2® audits for businesses required to meet the Payment Card Industry standards. These standards ensure that all credit card related activity occurs in a secure environment. Mr. Grigsby will identify the internal controls needed to protect highly confidential personal data through:

  • vulnerability assessments,
  • proper software encryption, and
  • penetration tests.

Only CITP professional has the credentials to provide a SOC 2® report. If your business requires a technical audit to prove PCI compliance, Mr. Grigsby can help.