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Forensic Investigation and Fraud Risk Assessment

Grigsby’s forensic accountant Las Vegas office has helped an incredible amount of businesses find potential misappropriation of assets, amongst other things. Only a few forensic accountants equal the amount of certification Grigsby has earned. He can provide a thorough fraud risk assessment to seek out any possible vulnerabilities before an incident occurs.  

Fraud Risk Assessment with Chuck Grigsby

Focusing on running your business can be hard enough without worrying about impropriety issues. Even the most successful businesses may lack the internal controls. That vary lack of internal controls is the root of all fraud.

Mr. Grigsby has provided clients the clarity and evidence they need to protect their business through the following methodology:

  • Analyze the business’s internal control system to determine their ability to avoid risk
  • Properly analyzing the physical evidence
  • Applying the most up-to-date methodologies and fraud risk assessment tools

We can investigate the evidence, whether it is an issue of:

  • Employee collusion
  • Vendor collusion with employees
  • Supervisor misuse of authority
  • Bookkeeper procedures without appropriate segregation of duties

When you work with Mr. Grigsby, he and his team will determine the appropriate revenue by analyzing purchase activity to establish the gross margin level.

Undoing the damage

Mr. Grigsby’s forensic expertise can help mitigate the damage done to a business, whether it be a result of embezzlement or loss. With his thorough experience within forensic accounting, he is able to seek out the source of loss and determine the correct action.

It was his decisive analysis that helped return a little under a million dollars of misappropriated funds to a business.

Forensic Accountant Las Vegas

It is important that you act quickly if you are concerned that your business might be the victim of misappropriation. The longer you wait for answers, the more potential loss you may suffer. Contact Mr. Grigsby’s today to help protect your business with fraud risk assessment.