Are You Protected Against Identity Theft?

Identity theft is becoming more severe as our technology continues to develop and modernize. We are more at risk of it happening to us due to the capability hackers have to get our personal information online. But what can you do to have protection against identity theft?

Businesses have such a risk of identity theft, but there are various types of security to help you protect against business fraud. Once you and your business are secured, hackers won’t have an opportunity to break into everything you have worked so hard to protect.

How to Have Protection Against Identity Theft

Since the internet became popular over the years, hackers have more and more access to our personal information and the relevant files of your business. These tips for the protection against identity theft stop hackers in their tracks and prevents your business information from being stolen.

Opt into fraud alerts

If you have access to fraud alerts, consider getting them to stay up-to-date on any suspicious activity happening in your accounts. Your bank instantly notifies you of any actions they feel are suspicious. It is also a good idea to place security freezes on your credit reports, so hackers also don’t have an opportunity to hack into these reports and steal your information

Fraud risk self-assessment tool

When working with a forensic accountant, you have an opportunity to have them assist you with a fraud risk self-assessment tool. It is designed to improve your operations and lessen the opportunities of your businesses from being hacked. Small companies genuinely benefit from a fraud risk assessment, as it serves as a resource for them to have protection against identity theft.

Monitor your accounts

Regularly staying on top of your accounts helps to keep on top of any suspicious activity in all of your accounts. Seeing your statements more than just the monthly reports helps you stay active for your information and the protection against identity fraud.

Grigsby Forensics and Valuation Helps You Stay Protected

Charles Grigsby has many years of experience in the investigation of tax fraud and forensic accounting. Let us keep your small business protected from identity theft and fraud. Contact us today to learn more about his services!

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