Business Valuation : Key Factors to Consider

Are you a business owner in Las Vegas or other cities looking for valuation services? Do you need assistance with estate/gift tax valuation, business valuations for divorce, or other litigation services? Look no further than Grigsby Forensics & Valuation. We offer a wide range of business valuation services to meet your unique needs and help you make informed business decisions.

Business Valuation Services

Our area of expertise at Grigsby Forensics & Valuation is highly qualified due to the over 50 years of experience, the number of certifications in valuation and the success rate in court proceedings. We can assist you whether you’re trying to sell your business, buy a business, determine the marital estate with a businesse(s), determine marital waste, or various other needs of a business valuation.

Our business valuation services include a thorough analysis of your financial records and tax returns, market trends, and industry benchmarks in order to achieve an a reliable, appropriate and replicable appraisal of your organization. Additionally, we offer thorough reports describing our conclusions and suggestions for enhancing the value of your company.

Estate Tax Business Valuation

It’s crucial to have a firm idea of the value of your business if you’re organizing your estate. Grigsby Forensics & Valuation provides estate/gift tax business valuation services to help since we recognize that estate planning may be a difficult process. We are here to ensure that you have a thorough understanding of your entire net worth and that your businessassets are fairly evaluated for estate/gift tax purposes. Preparation of estate/gift tax returns require the business valuation to be attached to these tax returns. As a former IRS agent I am aware of the requirements for these filings.

Divorce Business Valuation

Divorce may be a challenging and emotionally exhausting process, especially when it comes to dividing the marital estate by the court. We provide business valuation services at Grigsby Forensics & Valuation to support a defendable and reliable business valuation for divorce proceedings, whether in Clark County or other counties in the Southwest. There also may be a need for determination of marital waste which can be provided.

Litigation Services in Las Vegas

In addition to providing valuation services, Grigsby Forensics & Valuation also provides litigation services to assist with a variety of legal cases. We can provide expert testimony, assist with the discovery procedure, assist with questions of expert witnesses of the opposing counsel and provide other litigation support services to help you win the case.

We have the expertise and understanding to assist you in obtaining the results you require, regardless of whether you are involved in a shareholder dispute, a contract disagreement, a shareholder death or buy-out, a partner dispute a divorce proceeding, or any other legal issue.

Contact Grigsby Valuation in Las Vegas for professional valuation and litigation services.

Forensic Services

We can provide forensic reports to establish the incidents of fraud. These reports are for any missapropriation of funds such as embezzlement, employee/subcontractor theft, or other types of missapropriation of funds. There also are issues when an executor is assigned to be trustworhty in distributing the estate assets to the heirs as per the will, yet misappropriate these funds to those not entitled to receive the assets of the decedent.

Loss Profits Damages

There may be a need for a determination of loss profits damages when a business has had an event in which the Company suffered from an event(s) in which the revenue or the profits were reduced through the action of others. This report can provide the court or an insurance company with information required to reimburse the Company for the losses from this event(s). I have issued a report in the past resulting in a damage award in excess of $1,000,000.

To learn more about our services and how we may assist you in achieving your financial and professional goals, get in touch with us right away.

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